Javanese Sambal

This is the 'sweet sister' of the Indonesian sambal. Less bright, but certainly full of flavor. The sambal is suitable for Javanese dishes, as well as other dishes. Contains real Javanese herbs and you can taste it.


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If you want to buy Javanese sambal, which you can use to prepare the tastiest noodles, among other things, you would of course prefer to do so from a real specialist in the field of exotic products. Swiet Moffo is a family business that has stolen the heart of the Dutch market and food industry since 1984 with its delicious, exotic, high-quality products. In our range you will find all kinds of marinades, sauces and herbs that are free of gluten, lactose and animal fats, with which you can prepare the most delicious dishes in no time. You will also find products such as wraps, roti pancakes and cod in our range. Whether you want to buy Javanese sambal for the noodles or another product: you can order everything you need to prepare delicious, traditional world dishes under one roof.

Buy Javanese sambal for preparing delicious Indonesian dishes, such as noodles

The Javanese sambal that you can buy in our webshop is a perfect addition to a dish with noodles. The sambal is the 'sweet sister' of the Indonesian sambal. The seasoning has a less strong character, but is indeed very rich in taste. In our online cookbook you will find all kinds of recipes for delicious dishes that you can easily put together with our sauces, marinades and spice mixes. For example, the Javanese sambal that you can buy at Swiet Moffo is delicious with Indonesian dishes, such as noodles, but it can also be perfectly served with dishes from other world cuisines, including Asian, European, Surinamese, Indian or Mediterranean cuisine. Also discover our other seasonings, such as the Surinamese sambal and Moksi Meti mix .

Check out our cookbook for delicious recipes.
Below is a dish suggestion:

BBQ Los Foroe
Minced meat ball with Swiet Moffo or Tapa herbs
marinated chicken
Herb butter with grated cheese
spicy meatballs
Minced beef with peanut sauce
Surinamese Nasi
Surinamese nasi or bami recipe
Pork tenderloin

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