Moksi Marinade

Moksi is a popular dish and is on the menu in many exotic restaurants. With this marinade it is possible to prepare this delicious (meat) dish in your own kitchen!

Serving tip: Our (halal chicken) fashong sausage tastes delicious with this moksi marinade. The Shrimp Sambal completes the moksi dish.

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Allergens: soy flour, soy oil

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Buy Moksi marinade from a specialist in exotic sauces, marinades and spice mixes

Moksi is a popular dish that is on the menu in many exotic restaurants. The Moksi marinade that you can buy in our webshop is the basis for this delicious (meat) dish, which you can also easily prepare at home. All you need is the Moksi marinade, fashong (halal chicken), possibly a jar of shrimp sambal and some other ingredients.

Recipe ideas for a delicious Moksi dish

Shopping list for two-three people:

  • 300 grams of meat of your choice (for example: chicken fashong, chicken thigh meat, pork tenderloin)
  • One jar of Moksi Marinade
  • 250 grams of vegetables of your choice (for example: bok choy and carrot)
  • Three sprigs of parsley

Preparation of noodles or chow mein:

  • Cook the noodles/chow mein in a pan with hot water until done
  • Drain the noodles/chow mein and let it cool

Preparation method Moksi marinade (with noodles or chow mein):

  • Cut the (mixed) meat (or vegetarian/meat substitute) into pieces
  • Put everything in a bowl and add the meat together with two to three tablespoons of Moksi marinade
  • Let this sit for 15 minutes
  • Heat oil in the pan and fry the meat until done
  • As soon as the meat is cooked, throw the vegetables into the pan and continue to stir
  • Finally, add the (cooled) noodles to the pan and add an extra tablespoon of moksi marinade if necessary.
  • Stir for five minutes
  • Serve the meal with sprigs of parsley, if desired

Preparation method chicken fashong halal:

  • Cut the fashong sausage into (oblique) slices
  • Cut a clove of garlic and put oil in a pan
  • Fry the garlic together with the fashong sausage until well done
  • Serve with the noodles/chow mein

Check out our cookbook for delicious recipes.
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