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Making roti with Swiet Moffo becomes a breeze. We have the spices, the sheets (pancakes we plates ) and the recipes. The roti dishes and recipes in our cookbook. The most famous Surinamese dish according to a traditional recipe with potato, long beans and chicken. Make it yourself easily and simply by using our herbs and tips from the cookbook. We explain it step by step. It is not without reason that Swiet Moffo means “Nice face” in Surinamese.

The origin

Roti is known in the Netherlands as a Surinamese dish. But it does not originally come from Suriname. It is a dish that comes from Hindu countries such as India, Pakistan and Malaysia. So there are also different versions. For us, the Surinamese is the best known... and in our opinion the tastiest 😉

Origin of the word

The word comes from Hindustani and literally means “bread”. You may think that it is the entire dish as you buy it in the store. So with chicken, potatoes, long beans or green beans. Yet roti means bread. This only concerns the so-called roti sheets or pancakes, also roti plates . The chicken, potato and other ingredients are actually side dishes. Together with the masala it also makes the dish super tasty.

The pancake, sheets or plate

A Surinamese plate does not only consist of wheat flour, but you add ingredients to the dough. This could be a potato mixture, a mixture of yellow split peas or chickpeas. First you make balls from the dough and punch holes in them with your thumb. Pour the mixture into the resulting holes. Now close the holes again. Now roll out the dough into thin pancakes. The dough now consists of two layers. Do you think this is all too much work? We have ready-made roti plates for you. Naturally authentic Surinamese.

Many types of dishes are also vegetarian

Roti with chicken is very famous. But it can also be made with lamb or completely vegetarian. With Chinese, white or pointed cabbage. Long beans, green beans, pumpkin pak soi. but because they are all side dishes, you can combine endlessly or express your culinary creativity. Just looking at the pictures can make your mouth water. Not only does it look delicious, it tastes 100x better!! The sophisticated herb combination of our Swiet Moffo Roti herb mix makes your dish completely authentically Surinamese. And it can hardly fail! Because the herbs smell wonderful, many children will be called vegetables, which they might normally turn their nose up at.

With egg or without

Don't forget the delicious hard-boiled egg with your dish. That is really part of it, although we are of course eating more and more vegetarian and vegan. So feel free to leave out the egg. Pieces of tofu can also be delicious combined with your dish. It can be prepared completely vegetarian.


Be especially careful with masala (yellow curry spices), which stains clothing, but also plastics and even some countertops.

Roti in our webshop

For all ingredients and recipes, see here . You can also find our products at various supermarkets. For example at Vomar . There is always one nearby.

How is it eaten?

You can eat it in different ways, you can eat it alone, but you can also eat it together with a dish or roll up a roti with a side dish as a filling. It is often eaten with chicken or other meat, long beans, (sweet) potato, hard-boiled eggs, garlic, onion and a Madame Jeanette pepper. In Suriname you eat it with your hands and not with cutlery. Take the “pancake” and tear off a piece. Spoon a little of the side dish (potato, vegetables, roti sauce) with this.

The summary from Wikipedia:

The “pancake” called roti or plate in Suriname (and the Netherlands) is called chapati in India. The Dutch often call it a roti sheet. It is an unsweetened bread pancake that can have different ingredients. The Surinamese roti that we know often contains ground yellow split peas or potatoes and herbs/spices such as cumin and chili pepper. The Surinamese roti comes with a number of side dishes. Long beans, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, garlic, onion and various types of meat (chicken, duck, mutton) are the best known. These side dishes are usually seasoned with masala, which is a mixture of ground spices and is similar to curry. To make the plate, balls of dough with other ingredients are rolled out into thin pancakes that are baked on the roti plate.

How do you eat it?

You actually eat roti with your hands. So without cutlery. Break off a piece of the rotivelle to pick up and eat the side dishes with the piece in hand. NB! The masala gives off a beautiful yellow color, which is difficult to remove.