Soy sauce marinade

A ready-made Ketjap marinade. This marinade gives various types of dishes a special aroma, which stimulates the senses and stimulates hunger!

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Gluten-free, contains no animal fats, suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Allergens: soy flour, sesame oil


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Are you looking for a delicious Ketjap marinade? Then you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for in the Swiet Moffo online store. We offer a wide and varied range of exotic products that will make you lick your fingers one by one. Think of tasty marinades, sauces and herbs, with which you get the best out of every dish, from Asian, European, Surinamese, Indian or Mediterranean cuisine.

Prepare delicious dishes with our Ketjap marinade

The Ketjap marinade from our range is prepared with love, care and an eye for quality. Our Ketjap marinade is a ready-made product that provides every dish with a special aroma, stimulates the senses and immediately stimulates the appetite. The product is gluten-free, contains no animal fats and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The Ketjap marinade does contain the following allergens: soy flour and sesame oil. Are you curious about which dishes you can prepare with our Ketjap marinade? Take a look at our online cookbook and get inspired!

Check out our cookbook for delicious recipes.
Below is a dish suggestion:

BBQ Los Foroe
Minced meat ball with Swiet Moffo or Tapa herbs
marinated chicken
Herb butter with grated cheese
spicy meatballs
Minced beef with peanut sauce
Surinamese Nasi
Surinamese nasi or bami recipe
Pork tenderloin


Discover the Ketjap marinade and our other products

This authentic Ketjap marinade is suitable for marinating various types of meat and poultry. The herbs and spices make it full of flavor. We use the highest quality herbs and spices for this, so that the marinade is full of flavor. You can easily order from Swiet Moffo. We also offer other products in abundance, such as roti pancakes and fried cod . Have you made your choice? Then place your order online immediately and benefit from free shipping, provided you order for €50 or more. Do you have questions about our Surinamese marinades or other products? Please do not hesitate to contact us . Call 020 633 5558 or send an email to .

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