Vegetable mix no.2


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Vegetable mix no. 2 is great for stir-frying!

Allergens: celery

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Below is a dish suggestion:

Swiet moffo noodles chicken
Bami Chicken
Streaky Pork Chops with Chicken
marinated chicken
Chicken Chow Min
Chicken with curry and lamb spice mix
Chicken meat in Meat Marinade with green beans
Bakkeljauw casserole with chicken
Bakkeljauw casserole with chicken
Pangpoen (pumpkin)
Red chicken with Dutch Tjap Tjoy
Roti Chicken
Minced beef with peanut sauce
Spaghetti sauce with Swiet Moffo herbs
Surinamese Nasi
Surinamese nasi or bami recipe

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