About us

Swiet Moffo

food industry since 1984 with its delicious, exotic products .

Our products are prepared with care and love, but quality and quantity are also of paramount importance to us. We are proud of our work and you can taste it! Our marinades and spice mixes are gluten-free, lactose-free, free of animal fats, and also suitable for vegans. The fashong chicken sausages are halal.

Our marinades, sauces and herbs are suitable for making dips and can be served with various dishes, for example from Asian, European, Surinamese, Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Curious about a taste of our products? Then order here via our webshop. Or drop by at Printerstraat 12, Amsterdam (open on office days from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

As of April 1, 2022, Swiet Moffo will be part of Surinam Food

Swiet Moffo, Just For The Taste!

How it started

Swiet Moffo's owner, Reginald Olivieira, his greatest passion is cooking. The Ketjap Marinade and the Surinamese Marinade were created in his own kitchen. During a summer barbecue, family members and friends commented that the flavor of the marinades was particularly good. The idea to market Reginald's marinades came about. Passion became mission, and the rest is history…

Our brand name

Swiet Moffo comes from the Surinamese language and can be translated into Dutch as 'sweet tooth', 'lekkerbekje' or 'gourmet'. 


We thank Our Heavenly Father for filling us with vision, inspiration, mission, delicious recipes, creativity and innovation. Every day we pray for His presence and power in our beautiful family business, in Jesus' Name.

Our thanks also go to our business relations, partners, customers and colleagues. Thank you for 38 years of pleasant cooperation.

Of course we would also like to thank you as a consumer.

 So So Lobi!

Surinam Food

We are a wholesaler of tropical products. Our company started in 1980 as a store, but we soon started importing fruit and vegetables from various tropical countries.

We started producing our own sambal in the early 1990s and we now also import a wide and varied range of Surinamese products.

In April '22 we merged with Swiet Moffo. This collaboration allows us to offer our customers an even greater range. We strive to market as many products as possible under these two names, for an acceptable price.

All our products and much more are also available in our Surinam Food store

We thank you for your interest in our products!